Arizona does not respect our rights as voters. We're ready to change that.


Register to vote without unnecessary barriers.

Participate in fair elections in which politicians cannot choose their own voters.

Vote by mail or in person and know that our votes will count.

Equal access to the ballot no matter where in Arizona we live, what language we speak or what physical abilities we have.

Propose and enact laws when politicians fail to act.

Know that when we elect someone, they will work for us, not for themselves or their donors.


Many eligible voters do not register to vote because they don't know the process.

An estimated 220,000+ Arizonans with felony convictions, most of whom have completed their sentence and probation, aren't able to register or vote. This includes 1 in 9 African Americans  in Arizona.

Power-hungry Arizona politicians sued, twice, to try to give themselves the power to pick their own voters.

Every election, thousands of mail-in ballots are rejected because the voter's signature has changed (often due to health issues). In many cases, the voter is never given a chance to fix the problem, or even informed that their vote will not count.

 What options you have for voting in-person vary widely depending on where you live. People with disabilities or who do not speak English often face barriers voting both by mail and in person.

Right now, the right to vote isn't even explicitly named in the state constitution.

 The state legislature has passed law after law making it harder and more expensive for regular Arizonans to exercise their right to the initiative process.

Arizona has weak conflict-of-interest laws, and far too many Arizona elected officials use their positions to enrich themselves. 

In 2016, the state legislature voted to allow billionaires and corporations to make secret donations to politicians.


Pass automatic voter and same day voter registration, as well as re-enfranchisement.

Protect Arizona's independent redistricting commission.

Make sure every voter has the opportunity to correct issues with their ballot.

Expand access to early and emergency voting. Pass the Arizona Voters' Bill of Rights and amend the constitution to include the right to vote.

Repeal bills that make it unnecessarily difficult to put initiatives on the ballot. Make it possible to collect signatures online.

Protect Arizona's Clean Elections Commission, and pass laws restricting the use of dark money in political campaigns, as well as addressing conflicts of interest.